Women Inspire Women

Who We Are

Women Inspire Women Organisation

we remain true to our mission: education

Who We Are

Women Inspire Women organisation provides community education to empower teens, young adults, women, and their families to thrive in the midst of these challenging times. 

What We Do

The mission of Women Inspire Women – International Women’s Group is to help future students gain the knowledge and skills required to work in the beauty industry. Education is the core around which our organisation is built.

Why We'Re Important

Young adults do not choose to live in poverty, without a job and without possibilities. They start their life excited and eager to develop. They want to make their dreams come true. We’re here to offer them training and advice, and whenever we can, jobs after their graduation.

How We Affect The Community

WIW Academy plays an important role in our community through our programs and training. Our programs empower students to focus on their education, to do well in WIW Academy and to develop positive relationships with their peers, trainers and, advisers preparing them for the job market. 

How You Can Help Us

Our courses are free or provided at a very low cost to participate. Therefore, Women Inspire Women Academy relies on the generosity of the community grants, individual contributors, corporations and sponsorships. If you or your business are also interested in partnership or sponsorship opportunities, we invite you to join us in our efforts to offer real chances for effective education.